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Product Update - November 2016

We're making a little change about how we're going to update you about the latest and greatest updates in Dentally. Our changelog is great (we have to make the product team feel special), and it's going to stick around but every month we'll be making a larger post highlighting the latest additions to the product.

Hit play on the video above or read on to get this month's update...

What's new this month?

Statement of Account

This new feature allows you to print a statement of a patient's record. The statement contains a list of their payments and invoices and it also shows if they are in credit or debit. This is a great way of getting a detailed report of the contents of a patient's record for your practice records, or if you need to remind a customer of treatment on credit that has yet to be paid.

You can print or email this to the customer if required.

Takings Report PDF

You can now download the takings report as a PDF for adding to your practice records.

Xero for Dentally

The most important announcement this month is that Dentally now integrates with Xero, the online accounting software. Xero for Dentally takes all the payments made to your practice and pass them to Xero for easier accounting at the end of each day. We'll have a few more details about this in the coming weeks...


Every month we make more and more improvements to the system. Sometimes it's just an extra button that saves you a few clicks, other times it's a complete overhaul on a feature. All improvements we implement are due to your feedback, we're making the system better due to your engagement. This month, we've made quite a few improvements, with some highlights...

  • Pop-up notes have gotten a bit of an overhaul. They now show the date that they were last updated on the front and the date they were created on the back. You can also hover over the dates to see the creation date. As well as this, you can now pin a note to a record without flipping the note over. Finally, we've added a new colour - red - think of it as a colour for noting really important things.

  • Appointment confirmations and reminders are now sent periodically throughout the day. As well as this, printing an appointment card now brings up the print menu by default, saving you a click.

  • Hovering over a patient's age now shows you their date of birth. Handy.

  • We now support ZIP files and Word Docs as attachments received from patients.

  • The treatment reports now only show you treatment plans for active patients. Any archived patients with open treatment plans are ignored!


We've ran through the system with a fine tooth comb and found a few bugs. No worries, after a good dose of bug spray they were eliminated. You can view them over on the changelog if you want to know more. If you find any, let us know and we'll get our exterminators after them.

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