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Product Update - June 2017


What's new this month?

Estimate Price Comparison

When you create an estimate you can now choose to compare the price to that of another payment plan.

Bad Debtors

Mark any of your patients who don't pay up as bad debtors. When they go to book another appointment a warning flag will appear in the patient's record. Good for catching out those chancers.

Unused NHS Exemptions

Remove any unused NHS exemptions from a patient's record.

API Rate Limit

If you're a masochist who is really into reading about API changes then you'll be glad to know that we've added rate limits to our API. You can see the change on our API document if you're interested in a bit of light evening reading with a glass of wine.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

We've improved or fixed a bunch of stuff this month. The highlights are:

  • Marking a treatment as complete now automatically changes the practitioner who did the work to the practitioner who ticked the item (only if they are a practitioner, of course).

  • We now show the original email inline if you are replying to or forwarding an email.

  • We've downsized the practice logo on a medical history printout.

  • Withdrawn NHS claims now stay withdrawn (whoops).

There are loads more on our changelog if that is your kind of thing.

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