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Product Update - January/February 2017

I hope you're well settled back in work after the Christmas break. I know it can be tough to get back in the swing of things but luckily we have some treats in store for you this month...

What's new this month?

NHS UDA Forecast

Just in time for the end of the UDA year! This report allows you to forecast the number of UDA's that are currently in progress, it also warns you if a treatment plan is about to breach the NHS's infamous '2 month rule'.

Appointment Reasons

This feature has been very heavily requested so I'm glad to tell you that you can (finally) add your own appointment reasons in Dentally. A quick word of warning - you'll still need to use the default reasons for your recalls to work correctly.

Appointment Sessions


The calendar now allows you to block off sections of the calendar for specific events. Practices can use it to allocate time for emergency patients, private patients, lunch - pretty much anything you can think of. You can find out more here.

Dental Referrals Integration

Dentally now integrates directly with Dental Referrals to help you with referrals to NHS England, Hospital and Community trusts. You can find out how this works here.

Xero Integration

The Xero integration is finally ready! You've heard us talk about it before so I won't repeat myself. If you're interested in learning more click here and if you want to get started with integrating Xero you can find out how here.

Other Newness

We also have a bunch of smaller new features:

  • You can now record details of phone calls you have with your patients from the correspondence page.

  • A 🆕 icon will appear in the calendar for patients that have been registered in the last 30 days. Want to find out if this is the patient's first appointment I hear you ask? Easy! Simply hover the patient's name and look for the last appointment date in the popup. If this is blank, it's the patient's first time at your practice.

  • We've added [patient_last_fta_appointment] to our list of data tags. This one will display the date and time of the last appointment the patient failed to attend.


We've improved a few bits and pieces in the app this month. Did we manage to give any of your favourite features a polish?

  • You can now specify which payment plan you'd like to use as the default for new patients.

  • From time to time an appointment in the chart would accidentally be linked to the wrong appointment in the calendar. You can now click the fancy new unlink button in the chart to allow the appointment be booked again.


As always, bugs have been squashed. You might find a favourite over here.

See you next month.

The Dentally Team

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