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Pre-Christmas housekeeping tips for dental practices

This December, our Friday blog series has been looking at the financial housekeeping for your practice and keeping track of your income before the end of the year.

J0051120 dentally-reception_illustration XMAS-02As we lead up to the Christmas break, our Head of Customer Success, Kevin Bell, shares his top five tips for some pre-festive housekeeping to ensure your financial accounts are all up to date before the end of the year!

  1. Check up on your outstanding invoices.

  2. Manage your credit control.

  3. Check up on all outstanding NHS claims.

  4. Pay your associates.

  5. Review your practice admin, pricing plans and correspondence templates.

Check outstanding invoices

Dentally Screenshot - Income, Takings, Sundries as favourites

Patients with outstanding invoices and no further appointments or treatments booked, can easily be contacted and sent a payment link to ensure their account is up to date.  You can do this easily in Dentally with the Patients Report.  Follow the simple steps here.  You can also use your Invoices Report to get a quick insightful view of all invoices so you know the income that is due before the end of the year.  Find details here.

Credit control

The Invoices Report will help you find invoices over a period, showing you unpaid invoices where the patient is in debt or where the account has been settled but the payments have not been allocated, and bad debts can be written off where appropriate.  Learn more about bad debts or take a look at the Invoices Report here.

Outstanding NHS claims

Dentally Screeshot - Patients, UDA forecast, Income as favourites

If you are a NHS practice, then keeping track of your claims is essential, especially if there are any that may go out of date during the period that you may be closed over the festive holidays.  Learn more here  or if you are in Scotland here.

Pay your associates

As it is the season of goodwill, it is probably a good time to take a look at how much income your associate practitioners have generated for the practice and also pay them for all completed paid invoices.  Use the Income report to identify all paid invoices and the Practitioner Activity report to review overall performance.  Read our guide here.

Review your general admin, pricing plans and correspondence templates

In preparation for the new year ahead, it is always a good time to check any private pricing plans, general admin and revitalise any out of date correspondence templates that you use for patient communication.  Find out more here.

To learn more take a look at our online support area or speak to our team for any further support or advice, contact us within the app or email 

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