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Multi-Site Practice

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Practitioners working across multiple sites

At Dentally we understand that you need a practice management system that is as flexible as you are and that you need Practitioners to work from different locations, and the multi-site switcher allows you that flexibility.

Multi-site switcher

Multi-site dental practices

The multi-site switcher makes it simple for  dental practitioners who work across multiple sites to login to Dentally with one user account. As a Practitioner logs on to Dentally, the multi-site switcher asks them to select their location, and all subsequent activity is recorded against their selection until they log out.  No need to keep checking that the work is reported against the correct location, this is all done automatically; the Practitioner simply selects the correct site.

Dentally allows you to work in a way that matches your working practice, and makes it easy for you to work across multiple sites, while controlling your access to only that data to which you are entitled.

To learn more about our multi-site product features within Dentally, take a look here.

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