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Powerful reporting tools

Lightening fast reportingAt Dentally we appreciate that time is fairly tight, and so when you run your reports whether you are looking for an at a glance snapshot or for more detailed in-depth insights - you want to run them instantly! 

This is what you get with Dentally, lightning fast, real time reports!   

There are plenty of useful and powerful reports so the right people (based on permission levels) can make informed decisions with accurate and intuitive statistics. Reports can be tailored to your practice with multiple filters and you can favourite those that you use most frequently.

dentally-illustration_streamlined_reportOver the next few weeks our Friday blog series is back and this time focusing on Reporting and just a few of the reports you can produce within Dentally.   

Look out for them each Friday but in the meantime, you will also find some useful information on our website.  Alternatively if you have a specific query then please do contact our support team 

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