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Postcode Look-up

At Dentally we understand that you run a busy reception area. We know that not everyone wants to give out their full address in public in the waiting room, at the reception desk, so we have the option for you to use the postcode finder so that they only have to give minimal details, thus maintaining confidentiality. It also saves you time because you don’t have to type in the details, the Postcode finder does it all for you.

Dentally Postcode Look-up for quality patient address data

Confidential and accurate information

Not only will the postcode finder enable you to maintain confidentiality in the reception area, it will also help ensure patient address details are correct. All relevant patient address fields are completed with one click, reception staff simply type in the postcode and select the relevant house name, number and road from the drop down list. No more trying to spell awkward road names which will make staff lives easier and ensure that your patient details are correct. You can also use the postcode finder to ensure that current patient address information is correct.

The postcode finder is available as an add-on package. A small price to pay for all the time it will save you and the knowledge that your  data is correct.

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