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Third Party Integrations

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Online appointment booking

Did you know that online appointment booking is available for Dentally, which you can use to let your patients book 24/7 from your own website?

The portal has been specifically designed for Dentally, it allows patients to view and book appointments. We want your dental practice to thrive, giving patients a way to manage their appointments is a small but essential part.

So why is online booking so important?  

search_existing_ABC_exampleToday consumers can do pretty much everything online, whether it is to book a table for a restaurant, reserve cinema tickets, order a takeaway food delivery or book a uber quickly - they easily can, anytime and anywhere.  So if we are living in this age of self-scheduling, why should booking appointments for dental treatment be any different? Introducing a feature on your website that is a secure patient portal, where a patient can view, book, reschedule or cancel appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days per week can only be beneficial to your dental practice.

It not only saves your patient’s time and thus helping you develop and maintain stronger patient relationships but it can also save valuable surgery time by reducing missed appointments and it will free up time for your reception team.

The online appointment booking app for Dentally, lets your patients book an appointment from your own practice website. Custom booking page that can be shared or just add a 'Book' button to your site, ideal for existing patients and to attract new ones.  These are just some of the features available:

    • Allows your patients to book their appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
    • Unlimited bookings and unlimited treatments.
    • Mobile - on the bus, at home or in the park gives your patients a great booking experience             wherever they are.
    • SMS booking confirmations.
    • It works with automatic recalls within Dentally
    • Patients can change or cancel appointments with a click of a link (rules apply!)
    • Secure payments if you would like to take a deposit for a private treatment.
    • Easy to add to your website inline or with a smart pop-up.

Look out for up coming blog posts about more features of the online portal including medical histories, online payments, custom branding and more!

If you would like to learn more about online appointment booking and how you can add it to your website with a direct link to Dentally, then simply email us or visit our website:

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