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One click to your radiograph images

As a cloud enabled practice management solution, Dentally can host your images online, but locally, it can also integrate with lots of different types of imaging and radiography software.   

dentally-illustration_cloudThe Dentally imaging bridge allows you to seamlessly integrate and then open a patient’s file in your imaging software with a click of a button, so you can quickly access your patient’s x-rays or dental images.

We support a number of different types of imaging software and a full list can be found here.

How does it work?

To allow Dentally to communicate with your imaging software, we have designed a small bridge program, which can be downloaded and installed in three steps outlined in the help article above.

1. Install the Dentally imaging bridge chrome extension. 

2. Download the image bridge and run the install script.

3. Configure the extension

Once you have done this, you can go to the extensions in your Google Chrome settings menu and select ‘Dentally Imaging Bridge’.  A popup window will then open with a list of imaging software for you to select the one you use.  This then generates a bridge, fills in the fields and click save.  

You will need to know where the software and the patient images are located for most systems in order to configure the bridge. 

If you use different types of radiography software at your dental practice then you are able to set-up multiple bridges with Dentally.

When you navigate to a patient in Dentally you should see a ‘black tooth’ icon in the URL bar, clicking on the icon will open the patient in your imaging software.

If you would like to know more about other third party integrations with Dentally, then take a look online here or email to arrange a demo of our dental software.

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