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October 2015 Changelog

The Dentally Beta is going well and we have made a few changes recently in October. Please find them below.

Added: Recurring appointments went live in the new version of Dentally

Fixed: Issue where the patient chart wouldn’t render for new patients

Fixed: Date picker for new NHS claims now works correctly

Fixed: Bug in appointment availability finder. It sometimes showed incorrect data if the user was clicking more than normal and was changing the search criteria in quick succession

Fixed: Letter salutation wasn’t being set for specialists

Improved: When writing a letter, you can now search for specialists rather than selecting them from the drop down

Fixed: If a popup note is pinned and a user adds a new patient, the popup note is now removed. Previously it would remain like that guy at the party who's still there drinking your beer once all of your other friends have left.

Fixed: Tiny bit of CSS (styling) on the appointment time picker

Security: Users accounts are locked if there is a number of incorrect password attempts

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