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COVID-19 triage forms for NHS England

Dentally has introduced COVID-19 triage forms that can be completed within the software for NHS patients in England.

This in line with the NHS England changes from 1st December 2020.  It is now a requirement for a COVID-19 triage form to be completed for NHS patients who have failed to attend an appointment and who had previously received remote advice from a dentist, dental care professional or orthodontic therapist.

These assessment forms can now be completed by creating a treatment plan in Dentally and then submitting an assessment from the 'Submit Claim' button. This will now display the option to submit a Triage Assessment, even when there are no completed NHS treatments on the plan. Simply click the 'Submit Triage Claim' and the form will be displayed.  The form can then be completed including practitioner, contact details, COVID status, reason and time of call.  The form is submitted just as easily as your normal NHS claims submissions and it will also appear in the patient's NHS claims tab so you can keep track of any triage assessments sent.

Triage Submission

For patients who have successfully attended their appointments and a resulting claim is sent, from 1st December 2020, you must also now send details of the number of COVID triaging calls that were made to the patient to assess their COVID status over the course of this plan.

These are gathered in a new area on the claim submission screen on claims resulting from treatment plans with a start date on or after 1st December 2020. Simply state the number of triage calls made of each type when submitting the claim.

Covid Status

For further details then please take a look at our Support article here or speak to our team.

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