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NHS Claims Submission

Dentally supports NHS Practices making submitting claims, changing resubmitting and reporting on claim status straightforward. Easy to understand reporting on claims means that you track your claims ensuring that you never miss the claims window. 

NHSMaking a Claim

When NHS treatment has been charted and marked as complete, your ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the treatment plan becomes active. This creates the NHS claim and starts the submission process.

To continue the process, all you need to do, is to complete or confirm the entries in each screen and click the Next button, making the process simple and easy to follow.  For example, if the ‘next’ button is not available, there is incomplete information on that screen which is stopping you from moving on. 

Dentally steps you through the submission  process adding validation every step of the way so that you are confident that you have the right information for a successful claim.

NHS ClaimsChanging and submitting a Claim

At Dentally, we understand that mistakes can happen and sometimes details are missed, and we delay NHS submissions for an hour before it is submitted, so that you have time to amend any errors the claim may have, saving you time and frustration in the long run. 

You may need to change information on a treatment plan, and Dentally makes it easy for you to  change information and resubmit any claim that hasn’t been returned and completed. 

Incomplete Claims made easy

Dentally understands that working with the public, you may have to submit an incomplete claim, for example such as when a patient fails to return for treatment. We have made it easy for you to do this, giving you an option to set up treatments specifically for this purpose. We have a simple step by step process to help you to claim for work you have completed even though the patient has not received the full course of treatment.

NHS Claims Reports

As well as making it easy to submit NHS claims, Dentally’s reporting helps you to track claim progress, and status helping you make sure that you are being paid for the treatment you have carried out.

Our three main NHS reports are:

UDA Forecast Report - track status of claims still in the system so that you see those in danger of running out of time.

NHS Claims Report - track claims by claim state and practitioner so that you can see those claims which need your attention.

NHS UDAs Report - track claims submitted by status and band so that you can see practitioner claims by NHS contract.

To learn more about managing your NHS contracts with Dentally, click here.

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