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New Reports for Dentally Mail

Dentally Mail already saves you time and money when printing and sending out your postal correspondence to patients that have post as their preferred method of contact.  And we have now made it even better by making improvements to the reporting!

We have updated the report you already used to find the letters due to be posted that day, and renamed it the ‘Posted Letters Report’.  When you run the report you can see now see not only all of the unposted Dentally Mail, you can also use an easy filter and date range option to see all of the previously posted Dentally Mail over a period. 

In addition you can also use the report to see letters that were printed in the practice versus ones that were posted using Dentally Mail. 

We have also improved the billing page, and this now shows a breakdown of how many different types of letter have been posted this month. For example; 20 recall letters, 5 FTA letters, 1 account letter, enabling you to see exactly what Dentally Mail is being used for.

Dentally Mail allows you to send all of your printed correspondence to us daily at 4.00pm which is then printed and posted, to ensure that you never miss a patient, only print out what is completely necessary and allow you to save money through different postage values such as 1st or 2nd class and colour and monochrome options.

If you would like to know more about Dentally Mail and how this can improve your patient correspondence, then simply visit our Support section:

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