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NEW: Practitioners Rotas

We have been working on a tool that allows you to create a practitioner's working pattern, so you easily manage and schedule your practice diary.


Practitioners Rotas from Dentally is a powerful new feature that will allow you to create periods of unavailable time in your practitioner’s calendar, so you can build in time for holidays, cleaning, working patterns or admin tasks.   It is completely flexible to suit the individual practitioner and is tailored to the practice - whether they are based on one location or multiple sites.

It can set up and edited by Level 4 (administrator) levels and includes the following new functionality:

1. Working patterns - you can use a stencil to create a pattern of working hours for a period of time for a practitioner at a particular site, then apply this to the appropriate staff.

2. Build a diary and create multiple working schedules for the same practitioner to include adding breaks or admin periods as needed.

3. View a list of diary entries that can be seen in a list form so that you can quickly see the practitioners name, location, date and working hours to check their availability.

4. Stacked schedules can be built up to allow for more complex working availability patterns for a practitioner.

5. Temporary shift patterns can easily be put in place to reflect practitioners covering leave or similar.

6. The Dentally calendar has been updated to display rotas for practitioners as well as practice site hours.

To learn more please take a look at our support documentation, find it here.

We will be beta testing this with selected practices in December, so please get in touch if you'd like to learn more.  You can email us 

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