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New NHS England fees

With cloud enabled practice management software from Dentally, you simply don't have to worry about NHS fees and updating your software.  NHS Treatments will simply start using the new fees for treatment plans with a start date of 14th December onwards.

All the new fees for NHS England (detailed below) are now in Dentally and so you can carry on with your day without any software downtime or disruption.

The new fees for NHS England are as follows:

Band 1/Urgent/Orthodontic Review Assess and Review or Refuse - £23.80
Band 2 - £65.20
Band 3/Orthodontic Appliance Fit - £282.80
The reduced Band 3 charges of 30% and 60% are: £84.80 and £169.60

NHS England fees update

To find out more about managing your NHS work with Dentally, take a look online.   If you have any specific queries about the new fees then please do speak to our team

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