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Keeping an eye on recalls

Automated recalls are a great way of keeping in touch with your patients, handling day to day automations, so that conversations are easier, you are able to develop strong connections and communicate through the patient’s preferred method.

One of our latest product developments is a further update to how the automation process works - so you can keep a close eye on what is being sent out through your recall workflow and manage the resulting communication with your patients.  

We have refined the way the process works, ensuring that messages that are queued as part of the automated recall process are now dispatched in the same order as they're queued, but more importantly it now allows you to see if you have a backlog of messages due to be sent. Automated recalls are sent on the days that the practice is open or on specific days of your choice, allowing you to plan for incoming calls when you have the staff numbers to handle them.

There are occasions that your recalls may have reached the daily limit you have set, so by reviewing the queued number, you can choose to increase the daily limit for a particular day to help clear it - so for example on a day of the week when you have more staff resource.  Recalls will be sent throughout the day in a set order and not in one batch.

This update prevents any issues with large volumes of recalls being sent out at the same time and allows you to track it in a more manageable way.  Your team can now manage the responses in terms of dealing with patients contacting the practice to confirm or make an appointment as needed, rather than being completely inundated all at once due to a backlog of recall messages being sent out as well as preventing priority recalls being missed.Recall automation

To learn more about automated recalls then take a look at our Support area here.

To learn more speak to our support team or email us to discuss this latest product update.

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