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June 2015 Changelog

We haven't updated the changelog for a while so here's a snapshot what we've been up to over the last month.

New: At the end of each day we now automatically mark appointments as Did not attend if the patient doesn't turn up for their appointment. Less clicking for those on reception!

New: We now support a full data migration from Pearl Dental Software to Dentally.

Updated: Added the name of the day to the patient's appointment list. It was a bit mean to make you work out the day in your head.

Updated: Appointments that were marked as Did not attend now show up in the calendar. No more wondering why there appeared to be lots of empty space in your diary.

Updated: Removed the word minutes when exporting the appointment report to make it easier to sum the duration column in your favorite spreadsheet editor.

Updated: Since only administrators can create recurring appointments we think it's fair that only administrators should be able to delete them.

Updated: The NHS changed the way Advanced Mandatory Services are reported on FP17s.

Updated: The NHS have changed the way performer numbers are validated.

Fixed: A bug on the calendar date picker that caused the wrong day to be highlighted.

Fixed: A super annoying issue that could cause the wrong patient to be selected when booking an appointment. This only happened if you had a very long list of patients when searching. Promise.

Fixed: An incorrect under 18 years of age exemption warning that was shown on NHS claims when patients were actually 19 years old.

Fixed: Invoice paid on date displayed the date the payment had been explained, rather than the date it had actually been paid.

Fixed: Really, really long notes could look a bit strange when truncated. Now they're looking as sharp as the rest of your notes.

Fixed: The relevant treatment icons are now correctly removed from the chart if the entire course of treatment is deleted. No more re-freshing the page to check if they've been removed.

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