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Invoicing Efficiency

We have changed how invoices work in Dentally – which means you can now edit an invoice. Our Engineering team have made it easier for your reception team to add sundries directly to an invoice at their permission level.  Users can now quickly create a list of the sundries sold on a daily basis and can add this to an invoice.  In addition, we have added a report so that you can track sundry sales over a given period of time.

At Dentally we are passionate about making dental practice software simple and easy to use, so our latest product development yet again streamlines your practice workflow and ensures that you can achieve further efficiencies for your reception team.  We understand how hectic practice life is, so we know that you need:

  • Fast and efficient ways to record sundry sales.
  • Better reporting around how many sundries are used in a practice.
  • Adaptable permission levels for reception users – so they see what you want them to!
  • Enhanced reporting and tracking so you can manage your practice effectively.

Our latest product update means you can do all of the above! Invoices are completely editable, practices can now add sundries directly to an invoice and report on it.  If you are still using practice management software where you can only invoice through a chart which is time consuming for your practice reception team – then it is time to talk to Dentally!

The new way from Dentally of recording sundry sales is available to users with permission level one and above, so receptionists no longer need to have authority to edit a chart in order to generate an invoice for sundry items.  Users can now create a list of sundries sold on a daily basis to make adding a sundry to an invoice quick and easy, reducing the time it takes when a patient is waiting to pay for their appointment.

 In addition; we have also added a new sundry sales report that shows you what has been sold over any given period of time and importantly a new income report, so your practice management reporting is smarter and more accurate.

 Key features of our latest product development:

  1. Invoices can be edited, for example; payment terms, footnotes and the reference number can all be changed.
  2. The reception team can charge patients for sundries without leaving the accounts screen – there is no need to go to the chart.
  3. New sundries report to track income over a period of time.
  4. The practice’s list of sundries has its own section within the Dentally settings menu, so you can customise it.
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