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Introducing Sam: The latest addition to the team!

Sam is the newest hire at Dentally, your preferred Dental Software

We've added a new member to the team as we continue to grow. We're delighted to welcome Sam to Dentally. He's the new Sales Manager and will be helping lead sales for our dental software. He gave us some of his time to find out a little more about him, so without further ado, Sam...

How did you first get involved in dentistry?

Before entering the dental industry, I sold a variety of different products across industries. This included both Contact Centre Management software and Accountancy software.

I joined the dental industry in October 2014. I became aware of Dentally soon after and saw it as an exciting startup which has made some great progress. It is a project I became very interested to be a part of as I believe that cloud-based software solutions are the future of dental practice management, so when I got the chance I jumped.

How can you help clients?

I am always especially keen to understand what problems both clients and prospective clients are currently experiencing, and establishing the best way to resolve these. By gaining a deeper understanding of a practice's current situation it is then possible for me to provide an effective solution.

Selecting the best dental software is no small decision. As the software helps manage the entire practice and is used frequently by every member of staff, it is vitally important to provide exactly what is needed. This can only be understood through communication and exploring the client's priorities and what their experiences with other dental software solutions have been to date.

I am dedicated to assisting people make the best decisions for their business. I have spoken with thousands of Dental Practices to date and always find it very rewarding to provide them with the best product suited to their needs. Providing a solution which helps a clients business to grow and succeed is a great feeling.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I am a qualified PADI Rescue Scuba Diver. Some day I intend to complete the last amateur qualification remaining and become a qualified Dive Master.

Where can we find you when you're not working? What's your favourite way to spend a weekend?

Myself and fellow Dentally team member Adam are walking the National 3 Peak Challenge for charity at the end of May. As a result a lot of weekends are currently taken up with training walks in the hills! Other than that I play five-a-side football weekly and have a three month old puppy to look after. Usually the weekend involves a beer or two as well!

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