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Third Party Integrations

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Integration to streamline your practice

Integration of software and systems is key in any business, especially in light of the need for more task automation to free up valuable staff time in an environment of increased admin burden in today’s dentistry field.

In the 2019 State of Dentistry report, 58% of practice owners felt they spent too much time on business admin, so streamlining processes within a dental practice like any other business, just makes good sense.

“New technologies, properly considered, integrated and most importantly supported are proving game-changing both in terms of more predictable clinical outcomes and efficiencies”; says Karl O’Higgins, Managing Director at Evo Dental.*

Linking your software

Cloud-based technologies are now offering dentists a way to integrate the Chair software they need to run a successful practice, allowing them optimise their time with the patient in the chair, improve patient communications, and delivering a number of positive outcomes. Seamlessly linking practice management software with a number of platforms means end to end clinical and practice workflows can be established.

Securely submitting and processing your NHS referrals, connecting web apps, appointment bookings, imaging, marketing and finance are just some of the areas that can be connected to help you set up a digital workflow that could be transformative.

Tools to help acquire and manage your clinical images against your patient records from X-ray scanners, cameras and other image acquisition devices is one of the most obvious integrations and with cloud technology, like Dentally, it can be easily done.

Useful tools

We’ve already touched on how useful automation is, a platform like Zapier allows you to move information between your web apps automatically so you can use your time more effectively.  Services that allow your patients to book their appointments online 24/7 is key in an age where customers can pretty much do everything online, anytime and anywhere!

Integration with marketing tools to help promote your practice, whether through email marketing with platforms such as Mailchimp or with dedicated dental lead generation such as DenGro who can help you catch, nurture and convert more leads to treatment.  Relationship tools that help you generate feedback and reviews, such as Working Feedback as well as education and waiting room tools to educate and engage customers such as PicBox.  

Dentally also integrates with NHS services for referring patients to specialists, with Vantage Rego Patient Referrals and Dental Referrals. Dentists can refer with ease, track referrals and find a complete directory of services for the area quickly. Read more about NHS E-Referrals.

Financial reconciliation 

Integration with financial solutions is another time saving and transformative solution to manage income and expenditure more effectively.  An integration with Xero to help further improve the workflow of your sales data, providing a seamless link of your takings to your practice accounts.  Patient payments in Dentally are automatically imported into Xero. At the end of each day, Dentally will take all of the payments that have been recorded in Dentally and create an invoice in Xero.  

Integration of tools with your patient management software to deliver an effective, time saving and more seamless flow for  all areas of your business will no doubt be critical for the future in the bid to remove the administrative burden on dental practitioners.  Cloud technologies like Dentally are already paving the way for the future, so why not take a look today? To learn more email us 

(* Comments are from the State of Dentistry report 2019 - download a copy here: ).


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