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Integrating your Orthodontic assessments

Dentally has been developing a new integration with e-Ortho in Scotland that will also benefit practices nationwide who offer Orthodontic treatments to their patients.

Over the last couple of years, the team at Dentally has been working to ensure we can offer a fully approved and compliant solution for the NHS Practitioner Services Divisions e-Dental Programme of reforms for NHS Scotland.  This includes the current phase which involves the development and integration with Orthodontic payment and approvals.

The project has not only meant the development of a process that will enable its Scottish customers to submit prior approvals and claims for orthodontic work through its e-Ortho integration with NHS Scotland, but also a new feature that will benefit all Orthodontic dentists.

Part of the work undertaken has involved the design of an orthodontic assessment, which has been developed as a stand alone module - so that it can become a useful workflow for other non-NHS dental practices that are undertaking orthodontic work for their patients across the UK and not just in Scotland.

The assessment form is an important part of the e-Ortho approval, and the data helps NHS Scotland determine the payment amount for each claim.  In addition the new form that has been designed by Dentally will pre-populate the data at each new appointment, so that the practitioner can see the improvement in the patient and enable them to claim for interim payments throughout the course of the treatment.

For non-NHS Scotland Orthodontists it will allow all the assessment data for values such as overbite and overjet information, recorded by a certain practitioner (and date/time)  to be held in a form on a separate tab within Dentally - making it easier to record the data from the outset and track the patient’s progress at each stage of their treatment.

The new product will be released in Scotland following compliance testing and approval from NHS Scotland by December 2019, after which the assessment form will be rolled out to other UK practitioners in early 2020.

If you would like more information on this, then please email us with your queries.  Remember over 5,000 dental professionals are already working smarter, working remotely and working securely with Dentally, so why not book your free demo today.

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