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Third Party Integrations

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Integrating with Working Feedback

Every Friday for the next few weeks, we are talking integrations and how our software can seamlessly link to other platforms so you can create an end-to-end clinical and practice workflow that makes your life easier.

In the second of our weekly Friday series, we are looking at one of our latest partnerships,  Working Feedback.

Feedback in any business is important. Today it is common place for customers to take a look at a product or service review during their buyer journey, to help them make an informed decision before they commit to purchase.  Whether they are booking a hotel, purchasing a pair of trainers or investing in a new state of the art Smart TV, people are looking for reassurance that they are making the right decision, and the decision to choose a particular provider of medical or dental care is no different.

Feedback for dental practitioners is crucial in helping to understand how patients perceive them, improving the quality of care and patient satisfaction - ultimately aiding new patient acquisition and retention for that dental practice.

So we felt our integration with Working Feedback was an important choice that would really benefit our customers.  Working Feedback offer a simple solution that delivers consistent patient feedback - designed specifically for practices.Working Feedback

How does it work?

At the completion of each dental treatment, Dentally will trigger a review request to your patient, based on that individual's marketing communication preference.

All patient responses are moderated first by Working Feedback before sharing through online platforms such as your website, social media, NHS and Google (if applicable).  Any constructive or negative comments are sent to the practice before they go live, to give you the opportunity to manage the response accordingly.

Working Feedback is unique in being able to share your reviews. So, you’ll achieve consistent reviews, regular reporting and a stand-out profile on Google. Working Feedback have over 12 years’ experience within healthcare, achieving a professional reputation for compliance as both an NHS and CQC approved review partner.

Patients often expect to find independent reviews when choosing any service. By being one of the most recommended you’re guaranteed to stand out to more patients as well as having the credibility to back it up.

Interested in learning more?

Take a look on their website today, simply click here. 

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