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Improving your patient’s financial journey

Ensuring that your patients receive the best possible customer service at every step of their practice journey is paramount to the success of your business. From the moment your patient makes contact with you to the second they leave, their safety, oral health and satisfaction is the top of your priorities and taking care of their financial journey is a key part of their overall experience.

With ease of use at the heart of what Dentally does you can be confident that our practice management software can help you create a solid, simple financial journey for your patients - resulting in trust, repeat custom and more time for you and your team to focus on other important tasks. 

At Dentally we understand that financial questions will be just one element of your patient's queries. Everybody wants to know where they stand financially and that goes for both your patients and you as a dental practitioner. With Dentally - not only can patients consent to compulsory paperwork online they can also receive payment links and invoices. 

Payments and Invoicing dentally-art-03b

The last 12 months have catalysed the importance of having a safe contactless payment option in place. This has had a positive impact on streamlining dental practices - the process of making a payment has never been easier with Dentally.  

Once your patient departs from the surgery you can simply set up automated payment links to be sent directly to the patient via email or SMS. These can either be sent individually or in bulk periodically throughout the day, the decision is yours to make - keeping you in control of your practice.  

Invoices will always be needed for a variety of reasons. From proof of payment to clarity and understanding between you and your patients. The good news is that creating invoices within Dentally is quick and easy. Once treatment is completed you or any of the practitioners simply select any items that require payment and Dentally will generate a tailored invoice accessible by the receptionist at the front desk through the patient’s record account tab. The receptionist can also send this directly to your patient's email upon their departure through a secure payment link via the Patient Portal.  Take a look at the patient portal to learn more about its benefits here.

It is worth noting that sundries can easily be added to invoices through Dentally straight onto the patient's account. This ensures that all expenses can be kept together, easily located and charged simply so both you and your patients are clear on financial expenses. 

Credit control

Credit control is vital in ensuring the survival of any business, especially after the last tumultuous 12 months. Identifying patients with any outstanding debts and contacting them to remind them to chase overdue payments is made simple within Dentally. You simply need to use the Patients Reports and its different filters to create a list of any patients that have outstanding payments who are in need of reminders - these can be assigned as a task to members of your team to action and ensure your practice isn't losing out on important expenses.  

There will occasionally be some instances where you find yourself with patients who have additional credit on their account. This means that they have money to spend within your practice. Perhaps they paid a deposit for a treatment that wasn't sat; no matter the reason you can reassure your patients that they can use any extra credit on their account towards other treatment plan costs or perhaps any sundries they may require. 

Make sure both you and your patients know exactly what is happening with finances and expenses in your practice with Dentally. This way you know that your business isn't missing out on important payments and your patients know they can trust you and your team to handle their treatment plans safely and securely.

Deposits and outstanding balancesdentally-art-06

At Dentally we know that ease of use must extend out to your patients as well. We understand that most people are in a rush and require admin-based tasks to be completed as efficiently as possible. That's why with our Patient Portal patients can regain control over their admin processes and reduce the time spent with non-clinical staff. After securely logging into the Patient Portal they can pay any deposits or outstanding balances - so you know everything is up to date and your patients are happy.  

The need for a contactless patient journey is prevalent in today's society so Dentally has made it easy for you to utilise the patient portal again to allow for patients to pay for their treatments with minimised contact - so you know that they are safe as are your team. 

Keep your patients up to date on every step of their journey including their financial stages. Finances will always be a sensitive topic and making sure your practice has processes in place to ensure everything is handled safely, discretely and securely means you know that your practice will be trusted and successful. Speak to the team today at to find out how you can streamline your patient financial journeys now.

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