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Improve NHS patient satisfaction with the iPad app

As cloud-enabled technology becomes a prerequisite to both life and your practice running - it’s easy to assume that everybody will be able to follow suit and embrace the new technical world. However at Dentally even though our software is digital we understand that not everybody will be technically up to date. 

Patients who cannot access the Patient Portal before practice arrival need not be a burden - instead put in place steps with Dentally that help patient’s see that your practice is organised, supportive, and inclusive. A system that not only makes your patients feel good but that minimises paper usage - keeping your environment safe and sanitised. dentally-art-03b

As lockdown eases and the vaccination continues to roll out the number of patients entering your practice will likely increase. A large number of those patients will be able to use the Patient Portal as they had been during COVID-19 to complete medical forms and paperwork before stepping foot into the practice. But there will be others who cannot and those patients will need your team's support upon their arrival to streamline your practice and patient experiences.

Let's take a look at how your practice can use Dentally’s iPad app to help make each patient's journey through your practice safe and positive. 

Arriving at the practice

As mentioned not every single patient registered to your practice will likely have filled out all the required documents upon their arrival. So - why not have a member of staff in place with an iPad on hand who can help those who may not be able to use the technology to complete any outstanding important documents with them. This not only results in ensuring your patients feel cared for and included but also in less paper usage and eliminates the expense of printing out documents - whilst keeping all of your patient's records in one easy to access place on the Dentally iPad app. 

Using Dentally’s iPad app as soon as your patient arrives to complete all necessary forms also means that the passing of pens and paper between people is minimised so everything is easily and effectively kept clean and sanitised. All your team has to do is wipe down the iPad after each use - keeping your whole practice and its patients safe. 

In surgery 

The iPad app can not only be used for admin purposes but also in surgery - providing an excellent mechanism of reassurance. It's to be expected that some patients who attend the practice will be more nervous than others. Put your patient's mind at ease with Dentally. Treatment plans can be explained and approved chair-side via the iPad app- meaning your patient is kept informed and consequently left feeling safe under your care. dentally-art-01a

Extra support and security

Another way in which your team can use the iPad app to support not only your patients but also streamline their workflow is to help patients fill out any exemption information and all of their details onto the iPad app whilst they are in the practice. This means that from then on all of the patients' details will be pre-populated so that your patients and your reception team never have to waste time filling in paperwork again. 

In the instance that somebody is signing on behalf of a patient - as a carer, guardian or parent the iPad app simplifies this process for all involved. Whoever is signing on behalf of the patient can complete all documents on the app - minimising paper usage and direct contact with staff.

Patients who may have not used digital methods to complete forms before may be worried that their data is not secure on the iPad app. With Dentally you can reassure patients that their information is stored securely in our safe cloud system - even safer than locking documents away in a filing cabinet.

Feel reassured with Dentally’s iPad app 

Dentally understands that your patients are your top priority. We also know that each patient is different and will have varied technological abilities and preferences. As a practice owner, you need solutions that will maintain patient satisfaction regardless of these abilities - so your patients are supported and safe. Our iPad app allows your team to support your patients during their time at the practice making their visits easy, efficient and an overall positive experience. 

Dentally supports your practice and your patients at every point. From completing medical documents to reassuring nervous patients. The iPad app can be utilised by your staff for the benefit of your patients. Talk to the team today at to find out how the iPad app can help your practice. Alternatively, if you are an existing customer visit our Support area to ensure you’re making the most out of Dentally.

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