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How do multi-sites differ from separate sites?

For multi-site practices to build a successful customer base across all sites they must have the ability to be agile. Having a single database in place that provides your businesses with effortless intersite communications, shared resources and customisable reporting will help you streamline the running of each of your practices. 

At Dentally we know that having flexible dental practice management software is essential - allowing for you and your team to work between multiple sites whilst maintaining the highest standard of patient care and communications. Dentally’s multisite switcher allows for you to switch effortlessly between your sites - keeping key features centralised but allowing for separate working when necessary differing slightly from the set up of separate sites.

We are often asked how exactly the two setups are different and why you may choose to adopt one over the other. So, let’s take a look at the ways multi-site differs from separate sites in Dentally and how you can take advantage of its simplicity and ease of use to ensure your practices thrive. 

Separate sitesimg3rd

The set up for separate sites is incredibly similar to your current single site set up except it is more effective and efficient in terms of usage across more than one site. 

A separate site’s core setup revolves around the use of two separate databases and two separate logins to Dentally. These logins can be accessed by anyone who works at both sites. Put simply your staff must log out of Site A to then log in to Site B. Either site can easily be accessed from any location through Google Chrome which means that separate site access only allows you to run reports from one site at a time. 

When considering how billing works with separate sites each practice has a personal billing account - bills can be sent to one or two separate companies whether that be initially or ongoing into the future. 


So now you understand how Dentally can be used across separate sites let’s look at how our multisite switcher can help streamline your practices and ensure that your patients are receiving the best patient care through a seamless digital patient journey. 

Access and Reporting

Dentally’s multisite core setup takes each of your practices databases and merges the sites into one Dentally account whilst simultaneously ensuring that all sites maintain independence from one another. This means that reports for each site can be carried out either separately or if you prefer combined - giving you the freedom to run your practice how you wish. 

With our multisite switcher, you would have only one Dentally billing account which means that you would need to nominate a company for Dentally to bill and you would then invoice your other practices as required. Additionally, you would have one email address per Dentally account to maintain ease of use for you and your team. 

At Dentally we know that understanding what is happening in your practice is important for you as a practice owner. That’s why we have made it easy for you to limit staff access to Dentally across one or more sites as much as you wish - at your discretion, your team can be granted global, or restricted access. Ensuring you know exactly what is happening in your practice and maintaining exceptional care at all points throughout your patient’s journey. 

Patient Journeyimg2

Providing a streamlined, safe and efficient patient journey is a fundamental part of delivering the best patient care. Dentally’s multisite switcher allows for you to keep your patients at the forefront of all that you do in several ways. If patient movement occurs between practices, then staff can easily view the whole record for the desired patient without having to make practice duplicates - making sure your patient is looked after quickly and effectively.

To affirm patient trust further Dentally allows for your team to book patients into a practice across all sites. So - if one practice is busy or closed for staff training the patient can book in through an alternate site. Many practices already using Dentally’s multisite switcher chose to combine phone lines for this method to be as effective as possible - essentially creating a centralised call centre within your practice sites. 

Patient focussed documents can be branded with separate logos so your patients still feel valued by their preferred practice even if their documentation was completed from an alternative site. 

Integrating and onboarding 

So now you understand the basics of Dentally's multi-site switcher but perhaps you still have solemn questions. Like how does Xero integration work and will this cost me money? These are all relevant factors when considering changing anything within your practice. 

The multisite switcher will incur some additional costs as Dentally wants to ensure you have the knowledge and abilities to fully utilise the feature and ensure you are keeping your practice as streamlined and patient-focused as possible. We provide a greater level of onboarding making sure you as a practitioner have all the skills you need to go forward and excel with the multisite switcher. You can integrate with Xero still however you will need to have only one Xero account across all of your practice sites. 

Dentally’s multisite switcher grants you the ability to seamlessly run your practices no matter how many sites you have - always keeping your patient's satisfaction at the focus of all your practice decisions. Contact us at to start streamlining all of your practices today.

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