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How flexible is Dentally

One of the areas where we wholly beat the competitors is in the flexibility that our dental software offers. Being cloud-based means that you can access Dentally from home with the exact same functionality that you expect from your dental software in the surgery.

Ways you can use Dentally anywhere

  • Submitting claims to the NHS - You can do it in the practice, at home or even from space (although we heard the connection can be dodgy on the ISS, and the costs of the data are killer). Although best practice would be to submit it after treatment, it's always good to have the ability to submit claims from home just in case you forgot or if you want to rectify an error.

  • Check your day list - As you're relaxing with a glass of wine on a Sunday evening nobody likes to think about work. But if you're a masochist you can check what your appointments are like for the week. A handy tool for knowing what lies ahead (and how to ruin your weekends!)

  • Charting and treatments - Had a busy day full of clients? Want to catch up with work from home? Great, just login and go to the patient records and you can add any notes you need, edit treatments and plan new courses of treatment if you like. This is a great feature for busy practices with a full book.

  • Admin - oh we all hate admin, it's the boring part of any job, but Dentally gives you the tools to do just that (the admin, not bore you). Practice managers and owners can check reports, reception can work on recalls for the practice.

  • Images - Okay, so you're away from the practice so you probably can't take pictures (unless you have an X-Ray setup in your house!) but you can still view and use images on the system as needed.

  • Corporates - Large practice groups find great use out of the flexibility of Dentally as they are able to run reports for one site in a completely different site from where it is located. This way a head office can keep track of how each of it's sites are doing and adjust them as needed.

When it comes to using Dentally, you don't need to navigate slow software like TeamViewer or one of the alternatives to access them from somewhere other than the main practice site. Anywhere you go, you will have the sam performance as if you were sat right in the office or the surgery. And that's just how we like it.

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