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Helping you run your practice effectively

As an associate dentist, taking the step to become a dental practice owner brings a multitude of tasks that have to be done in order to run an effective business, while delivering the best possible care to your community of patients.

For many practices there may either be a paper based system in place or a practice management software that is running on an expensive, power hungry server.   Traditionally these systems used to be focused on providing a solution to recording charting and diarising patient appointments.  However, today’s technology is driving change to processes and modern practice management software is now much more than a utility quietly running in the background, that may enable you to work but which is unlikely to help you thrive.

Leveraging cloud technology has been the fundamental ethos of Dentally for the last few years, with a clear make dentists' lives easier.   Whether you have just become a practice owner for the first time or are looking to update your internal systems to make your practice more saleable in the future - Dentally’s cloud based practice management software can transform your day to day life.

Today, the challenges are of course more complex with a global pandemic creating widespread repercussions for many, but patients still need care and attention to ensure they have good oral health and so dental practices have to adapt.


With Dentally’s cloud enabled solution, practices are leveraging the power of their practice management software to do so much more than the basics.  They are using the tools to effectively run their business, providing telephone triage, allowing patients to book online, running safe contactless reception areas, managing staff (whether they are on onsite or working remotely), automating their patient communications, charting, submitting their NHS claims and reporting on every aspect of their practice from wherever you are.

If you have always used server based or paper systems then you might be worried about the internet connection. But you don’t need to be. Dentally does not require a large amount of data or any expensive high specification IT or hardware to run.  If for some reason you lose your internet connection, you can use a data hotspot on your mobile phone using a 3G/4G data connection or set up a backup router with a SIM card.   

dentally-illustration_safe_dataSecurity is also paramount, and using cloud based software is much safer than hosting your sensitive patient records on a local computer or server in a cupboard.   At Dentally, we deliver security in two parts.   First we help you ensure that your users are logging in securely using our privacy features and second we encrypt your information within our platform to give you peace of mind.

Dental software from Dentally helps you save time and money, reduce the admin burden and allows your practice to be agile and flexible in your approach to managing your patients with an easy to use interface.  Dentally makes your day to day life simple and removes some of the stress so you can focus on what’s important - treating patients.

So if you are working through a ‘to do’ list that will help you get your practice up and running under new management that includes everything from utilities, investing in a new treatment chair, changing the signage,  waiting room refurbishment, learning how best to manage your new staff to encouraging patients to book in and much more...then take a closer at a practice management software that will work for you now and in the future.

Why choose Dentally?
  • Save money - there is no need to buy an expensive server or computers.  Plus you don’t have to pay a licence for every PC!

  • Stay safe - contactless reception tools including online medical history, self check in and payments - to make it safer for your patients and staff.

  • Save time - manage your team and practice admin (whether staff are onsite or working remotely).

  • Work from anywhere - all you need is Google Chrome and an internet connection, giving you flexibility and restores some work/life balance.

  • Automate your patient communications - stay connected to your patients and keep in touch using their preferred correspondence method SMS, email, phone or posted letter.

  • Provide patients with the opportunity to book their appointments online on your website or using a simple email or SMS link, to fill your appointment book in line with your practice parameters.

  • Run your recalls in a timely manageable manner to ensure your patients are booking in their appointments, from check-ups to treatment follow up.

  • Chart and create treatment plans easily.  

  • Submit NHS Scotland claims and prior approvals directly from the patient's chart and monitor your notifications and track status within Dentally.

  • Use powerful reporting to create useful real time data insights, marketing lists and financial accounting reports - so you keep on top of every element of your business.

  • Simple to switch and easy to use, our onboarding team provides comprehensive training that is tailored to the mixed skills levels of your team.  

  • Responsive support is always available and ensures you get the best out of the software for your practice.

Take a tour of our product features here.

dentally-illustration_streamlined_reportDentally understands that running your dental practice is so much more than appointments, charting and financial.   We will support you now and in the future, develop loyal patient relationships with our effortless patient journey, manage your NHS Scotland and private work efficiently and save you valuable time. 

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