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Flexible recalls

 Our latest new product update is yet another time-saving function that will ensure you have complete flexibility with recalls.

Edit Appointment ReasonWe have changed how the recalls are triggered in Dentally to make it much more flexible for our dental practices.  This new product enhancement means you can now edit your list of appointment reasons that patients are booked using and state whether the system should count it as one of three reasons which trigger a recall; (1) Exam or  (2) Scale and Polish or (3) Exam and Scale and Polish. Recalls will be satisfied by the patient having one of those appointment reasons booked in the diary.

With the new change, if a patient has a different type of visit booked in, for example; New Patient Exam, Gold Care Exam or a Periodontal visit, you can now count these as one of the three reasons that will trigger a recall to be sent to the patient. This means you can label your appointment reasons however you choose, rather than being restricted to just Exam and S&P.

Previously with Dentally, a recall was only triggered when the patient completed an appointment booked with one of three reasons; Exam, Scale and Polish or Exam and Scale and Polish and you couldn’t count different types of visits as a recall appointment.

Now you can set which appointment reasons update the recall details for the patient, so when one of these appointments is completed, the system will update the patient’s next due date:

Dentist recall intervalAs the next due date for the patient approaches and they do not have the appropriate type of appointment booked, we produce a recall and show them as unbooked until they book an Exam or Scale & Polish appointment type appointment.

Contact Method

So not only can you now make sure you are triggering the right type of recalls for the individual patient, but it means the whole system should be more efficient for the practice and ensures your recalls work in the best possible way - hopefully increasing your appointments too!

If you would like to find out more about this new product update or arrange a demo and join the 4,000 dental professionals who work smarter, work remotely and work securely with Dentally, simply visit our website or email us

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