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Fill your appointment book with Recalls

At Dentally we know that a busy appointment book means a healthy dental practice. Using recalls, manual or automated, will help keep your appointment book filled, and practitioners busy.

Recall patients

Patient CommsExisting patients who return regularly for exams or hygienist appointments are already invested in maintaining their oral health, so are most likely to respond favourably to recall requests. They will want to see their usual practitioner and will be looking forward to receiving the highest patient care from their regular practice. It will, for them, be a part of “getting back to normal”, which many will be craving by now.

Preparing for recalls

Dentally’s recalls system, whether manual or automated, relies upon the data in the patient details being correct. Practitioners are encouraged to ensure that the recalls are set whenever treatment is completed and Dentally’s recalls will do the rest.  

Automated recallsUse the powerful Patients report to find those patients without dentist or hygienist recall dates set. Adding the appropriate recall date to those blank fields will add those patients to the Recalls system and help to bring them back to the practice and fill your appointment book. In the current situation, we are all more interested in our general health and wellbeing and recalling existing patients will encourage them to include oral health in their thinking.

Supporting recall appointments

Dentally alerts you to the recalls due weekly. You then have two choices, to run the recalls manually, which is time consuming for your admin staff, or using automated workflows, which means Dentally takes care of it for you. One of the great things computers do is processing lots of data accurately, and Dentally’s automated recalls automatically sends the right patient the right recall at the right time, leaving your staff to focus on patient care instead of repetitive admin tasks. 

Read more about how to set up and run automated recalls here or talk to our team today.

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