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Multi-Site Practice

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Flexible Multi-Site Features

If you have multiple dental practice sites, a key aspect of your business success is being able to effectively manage each location effortlessly with comprehensive reporting tools at your fingertips.

dentally-illustration_intuitive_softwareAt Dentally, we use cloud-enabled software to support our multi-site practices, so they can benefit from running a single database across all of their locations, helping the business to run smoothly with consistent workflows so patients receive exceptional care through a seamless digital journey.

Single database, shared resources

Allowing you to run a single database across multiple dental practice sites is, of course, advantageous, but using Dentally means you are able to have some aspects centralised whilst retaining separate working where needed.  

Dentally offers you the flexibility of sharing resources when you need to, in order to optimise efficiencies, reduce costs and to prevent overburdening staff resources. A centralised call centre eases the call handling of particular sites, as does being able to share admin duties.  The inbox for correspondence (both email and SMS) can be filtered to show incoming messages from patients based on their registered site or you can view all sites.   Incoming messages can then actioned appropriately and the contact history is stored in the patient’s record under their correspondence history

Patient care

Correspondence templates can be customised so that your patient communications are branded consistently across your group or uniquely to each site and so that the correct contact information for each practice is shown on the patient’s correspondence, based on the site they are registered with.  For the patient the experience is seamless, and for the business as a whole, it ensures a consistency in the brand, to help develop and build better loyal patient relationships.

From a clinical and patient care perspective, sharing the same standardised treatment list templates, managing all your NHS contracts per site and optimising appointment booking across diaries also brings efficiencies to your practice.  It helps reduce cancellations and allows you to find gaps for patients at other sites as a group so that the patient receives the necessary care in a timely manner and optimises the practitioners working hours for each practice site’s appointment book.  

Practitioners can use the multi-site switcher in Dentally, so they can work across multiple sites within your dental practice group with a single user account.   All practitioner activity is logged against their selected location, and their personal settings travel with them, ensuring a consistent and simple working environment across all locations.


Real-time reporting is simple to use with Dentally.  You can manipulate the data you wish to see, using the extensive report filters so you view data recorded against a single site, specific practitioners or undertake a report for the entire business across all your locations. Access to information can be granted globally, or restricted to appropriate sites per user, so your team has only the reporting you need them to have. 

If you would like to find out more about Dentally and how cloud technology can support your multi-site practice, then email us to learn more about the future in practice.

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