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So you want to move to Dentally...?

So you're thinking of moving over to Dentally? Fair play, we're a great dental software solution which I'm sure you will love.

If you haven't decided to make the change yet, that is okay too. Sometimes, we all need a little convincing. So what makes Dentally different to other dental software solutions? Let me tell you:

  1. As Dentally is a cloud based dental software system you do not need to host and maintain a server at your practice. Instead, Dentally hosts all of your data for for you (don't worry, your data is safe with us). If you have one already, that is great, I'm sure you can still get some use out of it - as a tea cup holder perhaps, or maybe a clothes horse.

  2. Our hardware requirements are tiny. All you need to access Dentally is an internet connection (available from your friendly, neighbourhood ISP) and a laptop or computer (available from your friendly, neighbourhood laptop or computer provider).

  3. Being cloud-based means that you can access Dentally anywhere, anytime. Imagine yourself having that glass of wine at night, in your favourite chair with the fire blazing in the corner as you fill in your patient notes at night. No more late nights in the surgery!

  4. Your hardware becomes easily replaceable. Spill that cheeky Pepsi over your machine? No need to panic, that data is not lost. Grab your son's or daughter's laptop off them and you can be up and running again in moments. This also means you can purchase cheaper PC's (or Macs, or even both you madman). Run the operating system of your choice with no compatibility issues.

  5. If a machine explodes (why is your machine exploding, may I ask what you did?), or if it is stolen you are merely inconvenienced. Maybe the electricity goes out on your street or there is a sudden loss of internet due to the Russians shooting down a satellite like the Bond villians they are. No worries, you always have access to your data one way or another. Hotspotting off your phone even works in an emergency so you can contact patients to reschedule or cancel as needed.

  6. Dentally's security is legendary. 24 hour manned security, protected by the best engineers in the world (Dentally and this little startup we are supporting called Amazon). Just check out our security page for the full listing.

  7. Stop worrying about your data backups. We manage and test them for your peace of mind.

  8. Ease of use - our dental software is incredibly intuitive and simple. Even the most technophobic of your staff will be Dentally professionals in no time. We can give you a quick tour, if you would like to see how easy it is to use. Just ask our sales people for a demo.

  9. We take huge pride in the quality of our support. We are so proud of our communication that we even have practices ringing up just to have a gossip. You'll get to know our customer success team very well which means they gain an understanding of how you run your practice and can assist you with all of your issues.

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