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Ease your hectic schedule with recalls

Having a busy appointment book, happy patients and a streamlined practice mean you can be confident that your business will excel. Dentally enables you to do this with a variety of tools and benefits. We want to make sure that you and your team have a work-life balance that works for all - including the safety and care of your patients. 

Dentally’s recalls feature allows you to keep in touch with your patients, handle automation and develop strong connections building trust and reliability - meaning those patients who are invested in their oral health, are reminded to return and come back regularly.

Recall Appointments Why Dentally - Exceptional patient experience

Dentally enables you to set up automated recall messaging workflows. This means that your patients will automatically receive updates and know exactly what to book and when via their preferred communication method. Whether that be phone, email SMS or a physical letter you can rest assured that your patients will be kept up to date no matter their preference. 

This frees up time for your staff as they don’t have to contact each patient individually periodically throughout the day. Instead, it’s all set up automatically within Dentally. Of course, this doesn’t just benefit your team but also improves the level of customer service that your practice delivers - improving patient journeys.  

Dentally understand that as a dental practitioner having the ability to control what happens in your practice has a big impact on whether or not a practice management software is for you. Dentally’s cloud-enabled software enables you to fully customise your recalls. The recall sequences can be easily managed within the Dentally ‘workflow builder’ which is very simple and easy to use. 

You can also tailor the automated recall workflow - so you remain in control of correspondence between practice and patient. No matter the day of the week or the reason why you can schedule the recalls for whenever suits you and your practice, for example sending messages out on a Wednesday because that’s usually a quieter day.  You can also decide exactly how often you wish to contact your patients. So if you would like to contact a patient once, wait for a response and then remind them again in a few weeks if they still haven't booked this can be automated within Dentally. Additionally, scheduling sends out messages in groups throughout the day as opposed to all messages at once so your reply inbox is never overwhelmed. 

Setting your practice up for recallsdentally-illustration_patient_relationship

For recalls to work effectively within your practice, the information within Dentally for each patient must be correct. Dentally encourages you as a practitioner to set recalls after each course of treatment ends - recalls will do the rest for you. That way no ongoing patient care is missed and your practice will remain fluid, organised and streamlined whilst always delivering the best patient care and customer service with a full appointment book. 

Dentally’s Patients report helps you as a practitioner to identify which patients do not have recall dates set so that you can add them to the recalls system ensuring all patients are brought back into the practice and your appointment book remains full. 

If you wish, Dentally also provides you with the ability to include within the messages a link to the patient portal - Dentally’s own specially designed online booking app that enables patients to book their recalls through your website - maintaining that fully automated booking process, ease of use, streamlined practice and customer service. 

Dentally’s recalls provide you as a dental practitioner with the opportunity to streamline your practice further, save you and your team time and provide your patients with the best customer service. Read more about how to set up recalls here and if you are new to Dentally speak to one of our team at now.

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