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Does my internet need to be fast?

Running a cloud based application is surprisingly light on data. Most people can't believe it, but because Dentally is optimised for the cloud, the amount of power and data required to run it is comparable to exploring the politics (or sport) on the BBC website.

This is because the monitored servers we employ can work harder than an in-practice servers, on a system designed to be used online.

As a result of this, an internet service provider providing a mere 1MBS of speed is sufficient to run Dentally. Now, we recommend that you purchase the fastest internet you can afford as it will effect other things on your computer - browsing the internet, transferring data etc. You'll have a slightly better experience on a faster connection but it's definitely not needed.

If you'd like to find out the speed of your connection you can use Speed Test, just hit 'Begin Test' to get your results. If you need a hand interpreting these results, we're happy to help - just drop us a line and we can help you.

We recommend that you run that test a few times throughout the day - first thing in the morning when everyone is checking their emails, at lunchtime when people are out have food and in the evening when local kids are playing the Xbox. This will give you an idea of what kinds of speeds you will have throughout the day.

But what if my internet drops?

In this day and age, the internet is essentially a utility. Internet outages are as rare as power outages these days and in the very rare circumstance that an outage does happen it is normally resolved within a few hours.

If something like this happens to you can just hotspot off of your phone or an internet dongle in the meantime and the Dentally app will still run just as well as your wired internet.

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