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How support at Dentally has evolved

Recently at Dentally there have been many new changes, a new version of Dentally has been released, we've moved into a new office and new staff members have joined. These may have gone unnoticed to you but one change that many Dentally users will have noticed is we have also changed how we do support.

We have begun using a service called Intercom to power our support platform. Users can now contact the support team using the support ring in the bottom left of Dentally and clicking "Contact Support". The support chat will pop out from the right where users can view previous conversations or start a new one.

We originally trialled Intercoms service when the new version of Dentally was in beta. It allowed those testing the beta to give the team feedback about the app and report any bugs or issues they found. At the start we liked that intercom allowed us to enter into a dialogue with users on new Dentally, let us know about bugs and the user experience while keeping support issues apart but we soon realised that in-app support provided a greater dental software experience for the customer.

The users that were trialling the system and support platform mentioned to the team how much they preferred it. No more filling out forms. With the support being in-app they could send a quick message detailing their issue and they didn't need to check their emails to see if they had a response as the reply popped up on their screen when support came back to them.

After listening to user feedback, the team had a discussion and came to realise that in-app support allowed us to work faster, minimise time between replies and provide a more rounded support experience to the customer.

As well as this we have moved our support knowledge base onto it's own section of the website. This allows us greater control in how we organise all the documents to help our users. We've also highlighted our support videos which aim to give you a more interactive experience. So far we've published our most frequently asked questions as videos but we have even more in the pipeline.

This new philosophy around making support just that little bit easier for the user is another way that Dentally is helping improve the experience for users.

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