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Dentally Mail to keep in touch...

We've recently launched our new automated patient communications product development (find details here) to help our dental practices save time and resource, so we thought we would spend the next couple of weeks revisiting just some of the other patient communications features within Dentally.  Here we look at Dentally Mail.

Keeping in touch with your patients is important from the moment they book an appointment and throughout their ongoing care. 

We understand that seamless communication is not only critical to your dental practice workflow, but also your patient’s dental health.  Every communication method from Dentally is designed to help you build and maintain great relationships with your patients.

Automate your postal mail

Dentally automates your paper mail to patients, saving you valuable reception time, hassle and expense.   Within a few clicks, your post is printed the same day,  in colour or mono, packaged and posted from a processing centre and delivered straight to your patients door using second or first class post - you decide!

Create a letter using a letter template for quality assurance and to save time.  You can send large numbers of letters using the bulk messaging system, and a segment from the Patients Report.

Letters created after the 16:00 deadline will be printed and posted the following day.  These are detailed Posted Letters Report.  We understand that you want total control of your outgoing correspondence, and with the Posted Letters Report, you can not only see who mail is being sent to, but you can remove patients’ names from the list thus preventing a letter being sent, as long as the letter is in the queue.

Dentally screenshot Bulk Mail completed

Cost control

You also have total control over how much you spend on paper mail.  When you take up the offer of using Dentally Mail, we agree and set a limit on how many patients each user can contact in one go from the Patients Report, and our system does not allow you to overspend. 

Dentally’s real time financial reporting shows you on a regular basis how much you have spent on sending letters out so that you are always aware of the monthly invoice. 

To learn how Dentally can help you with your patient communications, email us today or take a look at our website here.

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