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Third Party Integrations

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Dentally + DenGro

Experience a seamless new lead to new patient experience with DenGro and Dentally.

We have partnered with DenGro, an online lead management tool created specifically for the dental profession.  We hope this will help dental practices create a seamless new lead to new patient experience.

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What is DenGro?

DenGro helps practices catch, nurture and convert more leads to treatment. It provides front of house staff with a simple set of tools to nurture and convert leads and principals and managers with a transparent view of marketing and practice performance. Everything a practice needs to manage and influence growth.

Smart follow-up reminders, automated messaging, a central dashboard for managing all leads as well as a set of simple, but insightful reports are just some of the benefits of DenGro’s cloud-based lead management and nurture software.

What does that mean for the practice?

Well, for anyone currently using DenGro and Dentally together, you no longer need to transfer information manually, saving the practice valuable time and effort - new patient records are created automatically once a lead in DenGro is confirmed as starting treatment. 

Cam Brewer, co-founder of DenGro explains further ‘Focussing our development on integrations is a natural next step for us. Dentally share our aspirations for making practice life simpler through online technology, so we’re proud that they’ve become our first official integration partner.’

If you would like to find out more about this new integration, then simply click here,  talk to the team at DenGro or email us 

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