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Dentally chat is now live!

Dentally Chat is now Live!  We are delighted to announce that the new message capability within the software is now available to all customers. 

ChatSimple, secure and reliable messaging is something that many of us use in our everyday lives. Whether it's talking to family, groups of friends, work colleagues or even your child’s school through a PC, tablet or mobile device - not to mention Live Chat options on a website you may be browsing to make a purchase.  We can all appreciate the need to send a quick reminder to a single contact or within group chat - it is an effective way of ensuring the right information gets to the right people, quickly without the need for yet more admin tasks.

For us at Dentally, developing an instant messaging system within the software that can help dental practitioners and their teams to easily chat to one another, just seemed like a simple way of helping dental practices run smoothly, save time and make better decisions. 

The product development is part of our ongoing commitment to innovation to reduce the administrative burden on dental practices, that we recently reinforced following the publication of the White Paper: The state of dentistry 2019.

As you would expect from us, it is secure and easy to use.  The new chat function means that whether you need to have a discreet conversation about a patient without verbalising sensitive information across the practice, simply pass general information or make a request from the surgery to reception team - you can easily have a focused chat through the messaging service.  The impact of this for a practice should not only save valuable admin time but improve efficiencies and productivity among team members.

How does it work?

  • When it is activated you see a speech bubble icon within Dentally, which lists all your team members and whether they are online or offline - so you can easily see who is available to talk.
  • Click on the team member’s name and a chat window will open in the corner of your screen.
  • You can minimise and maximise the chat screen.
  • If you have a minimised your chat screen then the window will turn blue to notify you that a new message is waiting for you to read.
  • Finish chatting and the close the window

What does it cost to use?

There is a charge per site of £15 per month for the chat facility.

How do I enable it?

From the Practice Settings area in Dentally, go to the Billing section. Chat can be enabled or disabled in the ‘Available Add-ons’ section.  Learn more here.

Talk to our team to learn more about this latest product development, email us 

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