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Cloud in lockdown: Cloud performance

At Dentally, we believe in the power of cloud performance to give dental teams more time to do dentistry. Today in the latest instalment of ‘Cloud in Lockdown’ we will be exploring the ways the cloud elevates practice efficiency with task automation.

Time-saving in the cloud

We know that your admin team’s list of tasks is ever growing, especially during the current climate - that’s why with Dentally you can create a workflow that seamlessly takes care of all of your essential patient communications, giving your team more time to focus on what’s important, building great patient relationships in person and in-practice.


Automating Patient Communications will give your reception team the peace of mind that they need to feel confident that each patient is being taken care of to the highest of standards - before, during and after their appointment. So whether it’s streamlining SMS appointment follow-ups or invoice reminders, simply set your parameters and Dentally will deliver your desired message exactly when you need it to, for maximum success - ensuring your patient’s feel valued at every stage of their contactless journey.

Automated Recalls, another invaluable Dentally feature, allow you to boost attendance and treatment completion rates, all without the need for excessive calling or manual input. This once technical and strategic task can now be taken off of your admin team’s hands, again allowing them to redirect their focus to optimising practice experience and reducing any risk of cross-infection.  

Complex reporting, made simple

Regardless of your practice goals, valuable data insight through reporting will provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions that can deliver real change. With Dentally; forecasting, tracking and analysing performance really is as simple as setting your chosen filters and running the report - giving you access to advanced analytics right at your fingertips.

The unique benefit of Dentally’s cloud-based practice management software is that reporting can be performed both instantly and in real-time allowing you to view and digest the most recent data, then take the relevant action, immediately. 

At Dentally, we want to empower your practice team to refocus on patient experience through intuitive and dynamic cloud-based tools that are:

  • dentally-illustration_streamlined_report

    Responsive to industry and societal change

  • Tailored to your practice needs

  • Fit for purpose both now and in the future

  • Simple yet powerful

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