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Clinician Focus Week: Ortho

Dentally always aims to put our customers at the forefront of what we do - easing admin burdens and streamlining practice processes. With this in mind, we continue this week to focus on clinician roles and how our cloud-enabled practice management software can help take the stress out of your practitioner’s working day. 

A clinician provides the ultimate patient care - ensuring that each patient feels safe, secure and confident enough to return for future treatments. To carry out their role, practitioners need to trust in the software they are using. A software, like Dentally that can help ease admin burdens and allow for them to focus solely on providing care and creating a seamless patient experience, is an excellent start. 

Orthodontic processes are something that your clinicians will have to complete frequently as part of their daily job role. With Dentally, the orthodontic process is simple and easy, so practitioners know that they have more time to dedicate to providing the best patient care rather than navigating complicated and time-consuming orthodontic processes and software.  

Orthodontic AssessmentOrtho laptop

Dentally aims to simplify day to day tasks and to make orthodontic cases easier.  We have a stand-alone orthodontic module that allows for assessment data for values such as overbites and overjets to be noted down and recorded by a practitioner. This information is held in a form on a separate tab in Dentally - so clinicians can record and track a patient’s progress from the data at each stage of treatment. 

The workflow itself is easy and efficient to understand and utilise. A practitioner can go into a patient's chart and open a treatment plan and chart as you usually would. From there, they select the ortho tab and create a new assessment - mandatory fields will be highlighted, and once all of the fields are complete, the practitioner can hit save, and rest assured that the information will be retained in the ortho tab in Dentally. 


Orthodontic referral letters can be easily created in Dentally, using practice branded, customised correspondence templates. Clinicians can quickly generate new letters to pre-saved contacts whilst automatically merging in any patient-specific information. 

Ortho specific data tags allow practitioners to automatically merge all relevant information into the letter, so the referral of patients can be completed with ease. 

Treatment plan templatesdentally-art-04

Dentally makes the process of orthodontic treatment planning seamless and easy. The treatment plans for orthodontic work are made quick and easy and laid out clearly. Practitioners can understand them and add work, adjusting and retaining a consistent approach so any other practitioner who undertakes ortho work in the practice can easily understand. 

The orthodontic treatment plans can be easily shared with the patient themselves, for approval and confirmation so the clinician can carry on with the work quickly and the patient is kept up to date and informed. 

Waiting lists

Sometimes clinicians may have patients who are waiting for an orthodontic appointment or who are at a specific stage in their treatment. Dentally’s waiting lists enable them to easily track and report on these patients. Practitioners can fill cancelled appointments with priority patients and manage ortho referrals - allowing them to track outstanding follow-up appointments. 

Read more about the submission of ortho claims for NHS England and NHS Wales here. 

Dentally makes building a streamlined and successful practice easier so you know that your patients are receiving the best possible care and that the team providing that care have an excellent work-life balance. 

Leverage the power of the cloud, simplify practice processes and keep your clinicians happy with Dentally’s easy to use tool kit. Find out more now by talking to our team at to start your Dentally journey. 

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