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Changes to medical history

Medical history is a vital element of patient management for dental practices. It is essential that dental practitioners have the most up-to-date details about their patient, to ensure they can provide them with the best possible care.

We’ve listened to our customers’ feedback and have now improved the way that a medical history for a patient can be updated within Dentally.

So how does it work?  Our customers can now add a follow up question to each of the medical history questions they wish to ask a patient. The patient will then be asked the relevant follow up question if their response is “Yes”. This is a free flow text box so they can also expand upon their response.

We have also changed the default way medical histories are displayed.  So now only the questions that patients have answered “Yes” by default are shown quickly, so the dental practitioner and their team can see what is important straight away.  All of the questions the patient was asked and answered are still visible and can be reviewed if needed.

Medical History Question setup

 Medical History Question

Medical History Answered

The section within Dentally that deals with the medical history still works as is it did previously.  Record a new medical history, add patient or practice comments as necessary, plus it can be added direct to the patient’s file or using the iPad app.  Once submitted the dental practitioner has 24 hours to update the medical history before it becomes locked. The new medical history will then appear on the patient’s record and will show a discreet red heart indicator as a flag if there are any positively answered questions. Additionally, a medical issue alert can be displayed which will be visible in all areas of the patient’s record, you can also add text to this to clearly indicate the medical condition or alert.

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