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Automatic updates for NHS fees

Cloud technology has changed many elements of our daily life, from the way we are entertained, to how we stay connected with family and friends and, this year, for many businesses the way we work!

NHS_ScotlandToday, cloud enabled dental software is proving transformative in the world of dentistry.  In Scotland it has been an essential tool that has allowed practitioners to adapt and respond quickly to the changes announced by NHS Scotland and the government.

With Dentally’s cloud enabled practice management software, you can seamlessly run your dental practice allowing you to focus on providing exceptional care to your patients while keeping your staff safe, as everyone works to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

Dentally can help manage your admin effectively, automate tasks, allow staff to stay connected whether they are on site or working remotely and is an invaluable tool for patient communication.  You can learn more about the benefits of cloud dental software here.

One of challenges facing practitioners in Scotland recently, has also been the number and frequency of new available treatment lists introduced by NHS Scotland. With server based practice management systems that require a power hungry server on site, this has proved to be frustrating because you have having to stop work while updates are loaded or your Practice Manager has had to work late into the night so that fees are correct.  However, with Dentally, this is one less thing you need to worry about! 

dentally-illustration_cloudUpdating your software, whether it is to see new features or view the latest NHS Scotland fees changes, happens in Dentally without any interruption to your day.  You will never have to deal with running system updates or be confronted with major changes.  Simply refresh your browser - and you will see the updated software, no restarts and no downtime.  NHS Scotland Treatments will simply start using the new fees for treatment plans within Dentally, from whatever relevant date set and will align with Scottish legislation, unavailable treatments are visually indicated to keep things simple.

Dentally brings all the benefits of cloud computing to your dental practice, leveraging its power to save time and money but more importantly supporting you in delivering the best possible patient care. It makes for all-round easier, more agile practice management that supports you in adapting to the changing demands of the world around us.   

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