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Welcome to the future in practice

Welcome to Dentally, the complete cloud solution for dental practice management. We make running your practice simpler so you can focus on delivering outstanding dental care. Here's how we do it:


Your reception team are the face of your business – they’re the first ‘hello’ and the final ‘goodbye’ when your patient leaves the practice. From Tasks List that help your admin team to better organise their workload, to smart automation that helps send professional communication to patients at just the right time – our powerful reception features free up your team to focus on patients, not phone calls. Let’s take a closer look at some of these tools.

Communication with Patients

Keeping your patients up to date between appointments is crucial to building strong patient relationships and loyalty. The Patient Report, for example, is a powerful tool when building a communication strategy that keeps patients coming back. Patients can be identified who have agreed to receive marketing allowing you to design and schedule email, SMS and post directly through Dentally. With the help of pre-made, customisable templates you can cut admin time even more and guarantee a consistent approach to every message your practice sends. And if you ever need to call a patient, this can be done too directly through the patient’s record in Dentally!

Communication in Dentally is all managed for you through automation with the aim of saving your team crucial reception time and reducing day-to-day admin tasks - giving your patients a better experience from day one. Important appointment reminders and recalls to be sent just at the right time, allowing you to always feel confident that you're putting your best foot forward to reduce FTAs and short notice cancellations with a carefully curated communication strategy.

Diary ManagementReceptionist in Dental Practice

The diary is there to assist the reception to manage appointments in the best way possible for the benefit of all three stakeholders; patient, practice and practitioner.

With Dentally your team can easily perform diary management tasks via best practice with tools that help them keep on top of waiting lists, view online bookings instantly, take into account lunch hours/holidays and book recalls at suggested intervals - all enabling a seamless practice workflow.

Task Management

Receptionists can also manage their tasks and workload through Tasks List. They can identify the tasks associated with the patient in the practice before and after treatment while the patient is on site. Plus any other tasks that have been allocated by the Practice Manager that they need to undertake that day/week/month - making every aspect of patient management more effective including: phone calls, correspondence or appointment scheduling.

Let's take a look at the reception tools in practice:

  1. A patient will receive their appointment reminder.

  2. Patient arrives at the dental practice.

  3. Patients can be greeted and sat in the waiting room. If needed, the IPad app can pick up outstanding tasks that the patient forgot to do before they arrived. Allowing patients to complete their own admin allows receptionists the time they need to be able to talk to the patient and put them at ease - this is critical to transforming the patient’s experience into something they will remember and potentially tell their peers about, supporting both patient attraction and retention. 

  4. The surgery will be notified in Dentally that the patient is in the practice by the reception team. If the clinician is running a little behind time or needs something, they can use Dentally Chat to communicate with the reception team - rather than having to keep walking back and forth.

  5. The clinical team will collect the patient from the waiting area - the receptionist will turn their attention to the previous patient who is departing or the next patient that is arriving.

  6. By the time the patient leaves the surgery and arrives back in the waiting room/reception area, your reception team will clearly see what the patient owes, and the patient can pay in person or online - providing a seamless patient experience.

  7. The reception team will then book any follow up appointments that are needed, or next routine visits - also giving the patient the option to book online via Dentally Portal. Managing appointments in this way reduces time spent on the phone carrying out appointment reminders and will instead give them the time they need to focus on the patient.

Practice Management

As a Practice Manager, we know that your responsibilities extend further than just the day-to-day runnings of your practice. We want to ensure our Practice Managers have full visibility of everything they need to easily manage and make the best decisions for their dental business. From financials, managing the team to training and report running - our role is to help keep your practice running smoothly whilst giving you access to track and monitor practice performance to help you meet your business goals. Let's take a closer look.

Team Communications

Whether your team are working on-site or remotely we want to help your team stay connected so you can keep your practice running smoothly. If you need to communicate information confidentially, check on a team member or make a request from surgery to the reception team you can do this all seamlessly with our instant messaging feature, Dentally Chat. And rest assured, if any of your team hit a problem, they can always get help from our self-serve chatbot Ellie and our dedicated support team available directly through your software. Our online Help Centre, available 24/7, is also full of useful hints and tips curated by the Dentally team. Updated every week, you can feel confident that if you're looking to develop your Dentally knowledge, there are informative step-by-step guides at your fingertips to help you.


Dentally is also built with lightning-fast reporting which allows you to stay in the loop with how your practice is performing and easily identify areas to better focus your efforts. Reports such as Recall, Practitioner Activity, Income and Appointments are readily available within Dentally for you to run at your own convenience – however, we give you the freedom to customise them and build new reports to suit you and your practice KPI's.

Receptionist standing with patientsOnce customised, these reports can perform as powerful tools for reviewing both the 'bigger picture stuff' and for easily identifying any potential issues such as incomplete treatment plans or debts to be rectified, that if left, may otherwise be missed.

Financial management and accounting is a breeze too . You can quickly access and run reports to track and monitor financials and payment allocation to practitioners. Having this all ready at your fingertips, takes just one more thing off your to do list whilst making sure all those financials get pushed through correctly, every time.

Supporting the wider practice team

With tools that support the implementation of time saving and best practice workflows throughout your business, as a Practice Manager you can feel like you're continuously supporting the growth and morale of your team.

For example, with your Administrator/Practice Manager permissions, you will have the ability to set up rules to assist the reception team in managing the diary seamlessly, taking into account working hours and any holidays. This will ensure that the team is getting the best out of the software whilst knowing all revenue generating activities are optimised - without the stress of timely admin tasks.

Having this extra capacity, will also allow you as Practice Manager to spend the extra time that may be needed with your team when it comes to training or providing induction programmes for new members of the staff.


With Dentally you can carry out charting and take notes with ease. Our user-friendly interface lets practitioners carry out their dental clinical workflow in a way that works for them, whilst capturing the information correctly and quickly.Clinical team using diagnostic imagery software

With the option to save treatments that are most frequently used, your team can save time on those that are more complex and create consistency by having everything they need available at the click of a button. New treatment plans can also be created quickly, allowing your clinical team to provide an overview to the patient, educating them and allowing the patient to sign the treatment plan estimate on via our iPad app to encourage treatment plan adoption.


Patients can take control of their oral health journey when and where it suits them with Dentally Portal – our platform that allows patients to manage their own dental admin.

Online Booking gives patients the freedom to find and book an appointment even out of practice hours – making it easier for busy patients to keep on top of their oral health and more convenient for anxious patients who prefer not to make bookings over the phone. You can use your online booking link to enhance your website, social media and patient communications - offering a more direct method, helping you to increase booking/recall conversions and ultimately attract and retain a strong patient base.Patient sitting at home booking appointment on phone

Dentally Portal also gives patients the opportunity to complete any forms ahead of their practice visit. Accessible from their own dashboard, patients can complete and update their medical history, personal details and any required forms in the comfort of their own homes. Not only does this increase the accuracy of information recorded as you’re removing the ‘middleman’, but you’ll be also ensuring that your team are equipped with everything they need to provide the best possible care when they arrive in practice.

Looking to cut down on admin and unnecessary costs? Dentally Portal can help with that too. Transitioning to cloud based as opposed to server heavy workflows, can reduce reception time and minimise paperwork, helping to provide your patients with a better experience as they enter/exit the practice.

What makes cloud different

 Our team is asked by practices every day ‘what makes cloud-based dental software the best dental software choice for my practice?’ and ‘how does It differ from traditional server based dental software?’.

Dentally is a complete, true based cloud software which means when you choose us, you’re choosing the very best in innovation, security and support for your practice.

Being cloud based offers you and your team greater flexibility in almost every aspect of your business. You are no longer restricted to working on site, all you need to run Dentally is Google Chrome and a strong internet connection – so you and your team can work across multiple sites or even from home with no compromise to security, patient care or accessibility.

Waving goodbye to your clunky server, also means you will be introducing a system that is more reliable than ever. Gone are the days of disruptive, time-consuming backups or even worse, loss of data. The Dentally team complete all of your backups for you, in the background alongside micro-updates which means you’ll always be operating with our latest features and functionality. No restarts, no downtime, no maintenance costs and absolutely no hassle.

Did you know that cloud is also a much safer home for your sensitive patient and practice data than your server? At Dentally we take security extremely seriously, that’s why our software is built with powerful encryption, customisable permission levels, IP restrictions, two-factor authentication and other privacy features to help give you complete peace of mind. When it comes to using your favourite third-party apps, Dentally’s API also allows you to securely integrate your patient management software with a number of third-party platforms to create an end-to-end clinical and practice workflow. You can view our list of compatible platforms here.

Make your practice more efficient your team happier and deliver an incredible patient experience with Dentally, talk to us today and discover the future in practice.

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