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Transitioning to a Paperless Practice Can Help Prevent Infection

The world has seen an unprecedented shift towards digital workflows in recent years. As a result, businesses have had to transform the way they operate and interact with customers. This digital revolution was only heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic when businesses had to adapt to the "new normal" and adhere to restrictions to keep operations afloat. One sector that particularly stood out was Dentistry. Facing the challenge of adapting to new restrictions while continuing to offer essential services, dental practices embraced digital workflows to deliver care to their patients. 

Paper based practices

The Benefits of a Paperless Practice 

Since 2020, practices have maintained this momentum by embracing the ways in which technology can future-proof their practice, Ditching the paper for a complete cloud-based solution brings several benefits, including:  

  • Cost Savings: Transitioning to paperless dental forms saves money on paper, printing, and postage costs. Additionally, it eliminates the requirement to store physical patient files, thus freeing up valuable office space.  
  • Time Back: Paperless dental forms allow practices to eliminate filing and prioritize patient care. Digital forms also make it easier for staff members to access patient records, improving efficiency and streamlining workflow. 
  • Modernization: By leveraging digital workflows, practices can enhance treatment planning and improve patient care. It also makes it easier for practices to gather and organize patient information, leading to more accurate treatment plans. 
  • Patient Experience: Patients can conveniently check dentist availability, book appointments, and complete necessary paperwork electronically, saving time and effort. These features enhance the overall patient experience and contribute to smoother and more efficient dental visits.  
  • Data Security: Security protocols such as two-factor authentication and encryption technologies play a crucial role in securing access and exchange of data. These measures help safeguard sensitive patient information, by implementing these measures, dental practices can maintain confidentiality and integrity.

Why Infection Prevention and Control is Crucial 

While all these benefits alone are reasons for becoming a paperless practice, the most crucial benefit is the ability to effectively prevent and control infections. In recent years, infection prevention and control (IPAC) has become an increasing concern for Canadian practices. The rise in blood-borne diseases and the emergence of highly contagious respiratory and other illnesses are prevalent. By minimizing the use of physical documents and adopting a paperless approach, the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of infections within practices becomes significantly reduced.   

Practices have a duty to establish and continuously monitor their IPAC strategies to ensure the safety of both their staff and patients. By utilizing Dentally’s digital tools for data management, appointment scheduling, and communication, dental practices can prioritize infection control and ensure the highest standards of safe patient care. 


Transitioning to a Paperless Environment Made Easy With Dentally   

We understand that it can be daunting for practices to go paperless, however, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Dentally can make the transition seamless, with paper slowly fading away in the background whilst our cloud-based integrated platform combines the essential elements of a stress-free move.  

 Our cutting-edge automation tools provide practices with the confidence to move away from paper-based processes. These innovative tools deliver a wide range of functionalities, including patient communication, reminders, recalls, appointment scheduling, reports, and much more. By harnessing the power of automation, practices can alleviate the burden from staff members, guaranteeing a reliable experience with no missed appointments, improved treatment adoption, and most importantly, satisfied patients. 

Transitioning to a paperless practice is not just a choice but a necessity for growth and enhanced patient safety. As a dedicated patient management software, we are committed to staying at the forefront of dentistry developments, and empowering practices to drive patient outcomes. Get in touch today to discuss options for your practice, and how we can elevate your business one digital workflow at a time!  

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