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Practice Management

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Digitalization for your dental practice

In the ever-changing landscape of technology and dentistry, the future is clear: digitalization is key to shaping how dental care is delivered and cloud-enabled practice management software, like Dentally, is already proving to be transformative.   

Today and tomorrow 

For some time, several elements of the day-to-day running of the practice have touched digital dentistry. From practice management software to cutting-edge imaging technology, it’s affected how dental practices approach patient experience and clinical care. 

And of course, for most people cloud computing has existed in the subconscious of our everyday lives for some time, helping us stay connected to friends, storing our images and entertaining us with the latest films. We use it in many parts of our day without a second thought. So it comes as no surprise that in dentistry, cloud technology has proven to be the future for dental practices. 
For the past 10 years, Dentally has been leveraging the power of cloud to help dental practices to run more effectively, taking care of admin and ensuring dentists can deliver the best possible care to patients. We provide not only software that works for today but enables practices to future-proof their practice management and adapt for tomorrow and beyond. 

Benefits of cloud for your practice 

There are seven key areas where true cloud technology is different from any other solution: money-saving, scalability, performance, security, speed, productivity and reliability. 

These attributes work in unison, ensuring Dentally can run on multiple devices with a secure login, providing interconnectivity to other platforms and an agile solution for users to work. 

For your practice, cloud technology can streamline your everyday workflows and ensure your practice runs smoothly. Dentally has proven this in tangible ways for dental practices, providing clear benefits:

  • Save money - There’s no need for expensive hardware and servers. All data is stored securely on the cloud, to keep your practice running smoothly and cost-effectively. 

  • Save time - manage your team and your practice admin seamlessly with features such as task lists, automation and Dentally chat. 

  • Stay connected - keep patient communications open with Dentally, clear, concise and automated to keep your practice running smoothly. No set-up or maintenance is required, backs-ups are automatic and updates are instantaneous. Untitled design (36)

  • Patient journey - provide an effortless seamless patient journey from start to finish with tools such as our Dentally Portal for online forms and appointment booking.  Plus; straightforward clinical records and treatment plans to support treatment adoption. 

  • Security - is at the core of Dentally’s design, and using cloud-based software is much safer than hosting your sensitive patient files on a local computer, laptop or server in a store cupboard. It runs on a worldwide network of secure data centres, which means that the cloud is using some of the most efficient technology available. We also use 2FA for your team - so you can be confident your data is always secure.  

  • Powerful reporting - Dentally sifts through your data quickly to produce real-time clear, easy to interpret and analyze reports, so you can make informed decisions with the most up-to-date data with a wide choice of reports. 

  • Open API - we have an open API so that you can create a workflow that works for your practice allowing you to integrate with a number of third-party platforms. 

  • Work from anywhere - Dentally brings you flexibility and versatility. Our cloud-based software lets you work onsite or remotely, all you need is Google Chrome. 

  • Easy onboarding - Simple to switch and easy to use, our onboarding team provides comprehensive training that is tailored to the mixed skills levels of your team. 

 Collaboration and access 

Bristol Dental Specialists in the UK, transformed their practice with cloud. Adrian Watts, Specialist in Restorative Dentistry and Implant Surgeon and Ben Cross, Specialist Orthodontist and IT Director explained:  

“Our clinicians all work in several different locations, so we wanted a system where we could collaborate on patient care remotely.  We set up the practice to be completely cloud-based, so Dentally was an obvious choice.  All imaging (photographs, radiographs, intraoral 3D scans) are securely accessible wherever we are in the world.  This allows the different specialists to collaborate on a patient without the need for expensive joint clinics or the need for patients to travel to our practice for multiple appointments, whilst benefiting from input from a broad range of clinicians. 

The main benefits for us are its cloud-based, simple, adaptable and integrates with other software due to the open API.  Remote communication and access”. 

Responsive support  

Dentally understands that running your dental practice is so much more than appointments, charting and finances. Our responsive support team is always available and ensures you get the best of the software for your practice - we even have live chat built into the software, so help is on hand when you need it!    

We will support you now and, in the future, develop loyal patient relationships with our effortless patient journey, manage work efficiently and save you valuable time using the latest in cloud technology. Talk to our team today.

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