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Building confidence in your team

Once you have taken the decision to switch your patient management software, there will naturally be some nervousness around how your team will deal with such a big change.    

At Dentally, we understand this and take a collaborative approach to support you throughout your onboarding journey and beyond. We help you alleviate any nerves and anxiety among your team so they can learn the system and embrace it – so everyone can get the best out of it. You can find more about our approach to onboarding here 

We work with you on your change management so that your team can feel comfortable with us as their guide. Once the team begins to feel more confident, your software will enable you to run an effective practice with a happy team who are not overloaded with the burden of admin – instead, they will have the time to deliver exceptional patient care. 

But don’t take our word for it, some of our customers share a few of their thoughts:

Smooth transition 

True Dentistry, Dr Mayank Morar: “The transition actually went very smoothly. I don’t want to play it down – as with any new system you have to play with it and work out its nuances, but we’ve really had no problems. There were no hiccups with the installation- a trainer came out to run through things with us on site and they had everything ready to go. We had another day’s training once things had gone live, but that was it. Two days and we were away!” 

Supportive training  

Dr Richard Michael, Pemros Dental Practice: “We had good feedback from the staff with all being able to quickly grasp the basics of Dentally.  The trainers were very patient and explained all the features and processes at a personal pace for everyone.  Dentally also has many short training videos and help sections with ‘how to do’ guides on both their website and within the Dentally browser interface which provide revision and self-practice opportunities during the shutdown time and beyond”. 

Recommended New practices

We love teeth, Dr Paula Brennan: “Dentally is easy to use, all of our staff members were able to quickly get to grips with the new dental software. I am more than happy to speak to anyone about it. I enjoy using Dentally sometimes more than doing the actual dentistry itself”. 

A big change but fantastic support 

Mawson Dental, Dr Richard Honeybone: “While it was a big change and a lot to absorb, it was a smooth transition. The prior online training was very helpful and going live was great! The support function is also handy, allowing us to search for the information/instructions we need and when that doesn’t work, the support team is always quick to get in touch to sort things out”.   

These are just a few of the experiences our customers have had but why not see for yourself. Talk to our team about your practice needs and learn more about moving to Dentally’s cloud enabled practice management software today. 

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