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December 2023 Product Update

banner☃️ Our December Changelog is here to make your Christmas merrier! 🎅 

The last month has seen some exciting updates to make your daily tasks easier and your patient's journey smoother.  

Let’s look at a few highlights from this month's update! 🚀 

  • We've seen changes made to the Allocation Report in Dentally. Delivering you two new columns and filters to match so you can expand on your reporting when it comes to invoices paid and those still outstanding!  
  • Additional treatment planning changes have shipped, and you will notice improvements to your hover charting. (Phase 2 of our Treatment overhaul is coming soon!) 
  • To help protect your patient's data, we have introduced the new ‘Invalid’ status and reason for your medical histories. As of now, this status can be applied by Dentally, along with a reason to indicate that the submitted form should not be used.  Previous answers to invalidated medical histories are hidden from portal and iPad users for clinical safety and GDPR reasons. 

Read the full changelog for even more details on the features that have been implemented behind the scenes, it's been a whirlwind of a month!

say hello to Ellie our new AI bot

Please contact Ellie and our support team with any questions or queries via Live Chat in Dentally.