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Simplify your patient journey with Dentally

The past 12 months have been incredibly challenging for dental practices. From keeping patients and staff safe to minimising touchpoints and remote working - the challenges that practitioners have faced and overcome have been overwhelmingly high. That’s why Dentally has been on hand at every step of your Covid-19 journey to ensure you and your practice remain safe and streamlined.  

As restrictions ease and some kind of normality returns, our priority is ensuring that you as a practice owner have everything in place to maintain a seamless and safe patient experience whilst guaranteeing you and your team a healthy work-life balance. 

From the minute your patient steps foot into the practice until the moment they leave it is your practice's job to ensure that the patient receives the best possible patient care and contactless journey. Let’s take a look at some of the ways Dentally’s cloud-enabled practice management software can help you streamline your patient's waiting room and surgery experiences. 

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Dentally’s cloud-enabled software helps you not only streamline your practice admin and completion of pre-appointment documents but your waiting room processes too. Meaning patients can relax as they wait for their appointment time to arrive whilst you and your team remain up to date with every development in your patient's journey. 

Patient and Practitioner satisfaction 

Dentally’s waiting room feature  allows for your reception team to mark patients as ‘arrived’ for their appointments - automatically advising the practitioner in surgery of their patient's attendance. We understand that having methods in place that minimise admin time and enhance patient care is essential to your practice. That's why Dentally allows for you to view the patient’s age, the first line of address and postcode so that your staff know that they are accessing the correct patients, quickly and without the need for multiple clicks - allowing for you to confirm a patient's identity before they enter surgery. 

Practitioner experience is improved with the opportunity to view the patient’s open treatment plan notes by clicking them from the calendar view before you mark them as ‘in surgery’. This means you can instantly access the patient's chart and have the plan laid out in visits so that all of that day's work is easily identifiable. 

Keep to your schedule 

Making sure your appointments run on time is important when maintaining patient trust and confidence. Dentally are always working hard to ensure that we can help reduce waiting times - keeping you on schedule and your patients satisfied and safe. 

We have made it easy for you and your practitioners to check how many minutes your patients have been in the waiting room. Not only this but Dentally’s colour coding makes it easier for you to know if a patient's appointment should have started. Green means that there is plenty of time before your patient's scheduled appointment. Orange means that there is now less than 5 minutes until the appointment time and red shows you that it is more than 5 minutes after your patient's scheduled time. Meaning you can quickly glance at the appointments and know how long you have and if you are keeping to your schedule. 

To streamline your practice further we have made it possible for you to now view which patients are waiting for you and which patients are waiting for alternative practitioners - ensuring that everyone is informed, on schedule and up to date on the developments and processes in the practice. 

To avoid confusion the appointments in the waiting room are ordered so that the practitioner who is logged on views their appointments first followed by those of other practitioners. This means you can focus on your patients but always have an idea of what is happening throughout your dental practice. 

In surgery 

Just before your patients transition from the waiting room to the surgery Dentally presents you with the opportunity to view the reason for the appointment - so you can begin the appointment knowledgeable and ready to provide the best patient care. 

The iPad app provides a great chair side tool of reassurance in surgery. It is fair to say that some patients may be more apprehensive to attend dental appointments than others. Put their minds at ease with Dentally and the ability to talk through treatment plans with your patient and estimate documents - the patient can even sign documents digitally from the dental chair itself with the iPad app. dentally-art-01a

As a dental practitioner, it is undeniable that your schedule is hectic and time is limited. At Dentally we want to ensure you have as much time as possible for patient care and dentistry. So we have made it possible for you to use our practice management software from the surgery and remotely too. So you don't have to stay late in the surgery to finish up patient notes. Instead, you can finish them from the comfort of your sofa with a cup of tea in hand!

The anxiety that comes with leaving the practice for holidays is made redundant with Dentally - staff can request for you to access the notes remotely to respond to any queries or problems whilst you are away. 

Even NHS claims are made easier with Dentally’s software. The submission of claims is made straightforward with easy to fill in forms and checks along the way to guarantee you never miss a thing - claim submissions go through effectively and easily! Dentally even alerts you to the outcome of your claims the very next day. This means it is extremely easy for you to keep on top of your UDAs without the delay of waiting for monthly schedules - something that not many other practice management software can offer. 

From waiting room processes to in-surgery support Dentally’s cloud-enabled practice management can help you streamline your practice today and provide the best patient care and customer service! To find out how we can help your practice develop contact us at now! 


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